Amesbury School

Our detailed research into Amesbury led us to the clear conclusion that it was the atmosphere of mutual respect that is the bedrock of the school. This refers to the way pupils treat each other, the way pupils treat staff, and the way staff treat pupils: all leading to a cohesive community and a fantastic environment for learning.

What we did

Amesbury School

 The website we produced uses a combination of striking imagery and extracts from the excellent Good School’s Guide review of the school to highlight the key messages, and give the visitor a clear sense of the feel of the school.

Ben Davies, Managing Director, The Web Kitchen

The Web Kitchen team were great; patient, creative, unafraid to challenge us, willing to listen, attentive to detail.  The $64,000 question: would we want to work with them again? 100% we would.

Nigel Taylor, Amesbury School
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