NEWS • 28 December 2011

WordPress as a CMS – Content Management System

A mission that kicked off as one of the largest blogging tool that is self-hosted, turned out to be yet another great content management system tool helping many business owner take their business ahead in the growth path. An out and out open source CMS. WordPress as a CMS is totally customizable and so can help you with anything in just a matter of seconds. Have a look at the features in which it comes in and if it fits your requirements of business, you could happily proceed with the same.

Licensed under GPL, WordPress as a CMS is compatible on platforms like PHP and MySQL gives the user total control over his weblog. You can access as well as modify anything that is related to your blog whenever you think is necessary. WordPress offers different user levels so as to control access and the ability to create or modify the content on your blog. Installation is very snappy and nothing else can be accomplished at such pace, ease of usage and simplicity. Upgrading is also equally simple and one does not need to rebuild their pages every time an update is made. Having a weblog that is completely customized to your choice and the chosen language can be created in less time.

WordPress Content Management System allows connecting with other weblogs through PingBack and TrackBack so as to facilitate more traffic to your blog. The design of your blog could also be customized by making use of the templates that help in generating dynamic pages. All you have to do is edit the templates by taking the help of the Template Editor. There are a lot of features like the plugins, themes, template tags with which you could give your blog or website a customized look.

While creating content too, WordPress CMS allows for password protected account, and an ability to post a blog at a future date. Uploading files and pictures and linking them to your articles is very much possible on your weblog. The entire effort towards integrating content management system is for making searching and archiving extremely easy and the same is accomplished through WordPress too.

Building communities around the weblogs is a task that one can achieve with the help of WordPress. And comments by visitors are allowed too but with the help of the moderation options, you could moderate the comments prior to their appearance on the blog. Touted as very powerful blogging and CMS software, WordPress as a CMS is used by top agencies and companies too for the host of benefits it brings along.

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