NEWS • 28 December 2011

What is Social Network and Social Networking?

One avenue that is being tapped for the kind of potential it offers the online business owner is Social Networking. This has become the trend, the fad and the religion and people keep in touch through these social networking groups. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace…the famous social networking sites are imbued with groups of people who share a common interest or are there to pursue their business interests.

Let us delve deep into understanding what Social Network is all about.

Social networking of late has become purely web based and through this platform it has become easy to connect with people across the world that share similar interests as well as activities across the political, geographical and economic borders.

Online social network has become the order of the day and online business owners have figured out assured ways in which they can reach out to a wider customer base and garner more business for themselves so as to see an increase in their revenue. In fact, this has become the best platform to attract potential customers which would indeed make a lot of positive impact on their business.

Social Networking sites

For instance, it we take the social network site Facebook, it provides live feed wherein the activities of the users are streamed immediately after an action takes place. If there is a business XYZ and a person happens to ‘Like’ it, this input is given on the profile page of the individual who has liked it. Curiosity gets better of the visitors and they too chance upon the website or the business and in case they too like it, they click on it and like the same. So, when the number of people liking your website/profile increases, it becomes easy for more people to visit your website.

People have realized that this latest technological finding has proved to be a boon for businesses. Companies have identified this medium as an ideal way to establish their brand image. Here are top uses that businesses get out of social network websites.

  • They can easily establish a brand image and create brand awareness
  • Use it as a reputation management tool
  • Use the platform for recruiting people
  • Get ideas regarding the kind of action that is happening on the competitor’s website
  • A tool that would greatly help in intercepting potential prospects

The ultimate aim of these businesses is therefore to drive more traffic to their individual websites and encourage their clients and customers to participate in discussions on various ways in which the services could be improved.

So, you could ideally create profiles in various social networking sites and make it work in a systematic and strategic manner such that it facilitates more business.

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