NEWS • 7 June 2024

Unveiling Paradise: A Luxury Website Launch for Amali Island

In 2023, Damac, a leading Dubai property developer, approached us with an exciting challenge: to launch a new ultra-luxury brand, Amali.

They envisioned a flagship development unlike any other, and with the project still in its early stages – architect selection underway and limited visual assets available – we needed to create a captivating online presence that would set the tone for the brand and generate buzz for the island itself.

Phase one: a strategic teaser campaign

The initial solution was a strategic one. We proposed a two-phase approach, starting with a campaign site to pique interest and capture leads. This teaser campaign would utilise the limited resources at hand – a 3D model of a home provided by the architect – to create a sense of intrigue. The concept? A captivating animation showcasing a glimpse of the island’s vision.

Imagine a 3D model transforming into a stunning rendered image of the most impressive home, before dissolving and inviting viewers to register for future updates. To ensure a seamless user experience, the animation was meticulously optimised for fast loading times.

Targeting the right audience: quality over quantity

Understanding that the target audience for these ultra-luxury properties would be a select group, the focus shifted from mass appeal to creating a lasting impression with the right people. Damac strategically promoted the campaign site through their established channels, ensuring it reached the most relevant audience.

The results were impressive – the average visit duration clocked in at a remarkable three minutes, far exceeding the norm for website visits. This exceptional engagement highlighted the success of the campaign in capturing the audience’s imagination.

Phase two: a fully immersive website experience

Capitalising on the campaign’s momentum, we delved into the development of the full Amali Island website. With more high-quality renders now available, we crafted a comprehensive user experience. The core concept – a captivating sales journey – aimed to guide visitors through the island’s most alluring features, allowing users to delve deeper into specific aspects of the project without ever leaving the homepage. The result is an immersive and dynamic experience that stands apart from the typical property website landscape.

Success: from captivating campaign to stand-out website

From a strategic teaser campaign to a fully immersive website, this project was a testament to the power of creative solutions within a limited timeframe. The Amali Island websites not only generated leads and garnered industry recognition (including an honorable mention from Awwwards), but it also set the stage for the successful launch of Damac’s new ultra-luxury brand, Amali.

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