NEWS • 15 December 2011

Typo3 CMS – Content Management System

A free and Open Source CMS, TYPO3 Content Management System can be run on various web servers like IIS or Apache and operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows, OS/2 too with great compatibility.

TYPO3 CMS comes in with a vast repository of extensions and can be run with a minimum 256MB RAM. This CMS offers a total set of standardized modules accompanied with high performance oriented architecture. Fresh relevant and valuable content will always attract target traffic to your website and TYPO3 CMS helps achieve just that with great élan.

TYPO3 CMS comes in with a very comprehensive toolbox which provides with great integration of different multimedia content along with image generation as well as manipulation in a dynamic way. With the help of internal messaging and the standard workflow, shared authoring and collaboration are very simple. User permissions are customized and the administrators have the power to give selective control to content editors or groups as and when required basing on the roles they play.

There are ample numbers of security features that enable the administrations to include frontend and backend user authentication, the power to disable some user accounts or also change passwords. You could also, as an administrator, have a different section in the system so that you could test the latest features without disturbing the main website.

The design options available with the TYPO3 CMS are unlimited and web developers can have the design and content separated as the content is stored in a different place. As a result redesign of the website is effortless. The communication options for the user too are varied and many which is a strong feature of the TYPO3 CMS. They can contribute directly to the forums, pages, new and feel a part of your website. High on interactive features, TYPO3 CMS makes it very engaging for the users as they do not have to possess specialized technical training or expertise to contribute to the website.

TYPO3 CMS is an intuitive tool that is highly user friendly and has found takers in authors, content managers, administrators, agencies and web developers. Rich text editor, intuitive user interface, spell checker, configurable user interface levels, undo/history, clipboard and various other features bring about ease for each of the group of professionals that work on it.

With the kind of compatibility and the number of features and the kind of extensions it offers, TYPO3 content management system is touted as one of the most powerful and highly professional open source CMS available.

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