Matt joined TWK in April 2014 after spending 2 years as Head of Design at a full service design agency in Kent. He has vast experience in print and digital design and now drives the creative engine at TWK, ensuring we produce exciting, engaging and fantastic looking websites!

As Head of Design at The Web Kitchen, Matt manages our design team and is ultimately responsible for every aspect of the designs we produce. Matt works closely with the project managers to ensure that every project has strong foundations in a clear creative vision.

Fantastic design really stands the test of time, and we were delighted that in Matt we found someone who shares our design ethos. But good design goes beyond visual design, and Matt is an expert in UX design too.

As most designers will tell you, crafting any website design is often anything but simple. Clients always have goals they would like their website to achieve – a designer’s challenge is how to reach these goals in the clearest and most engaging way. In Part 1 of 2 we provide some insight into the workflow of our design team, from the initial briefing meeting up…